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The artist in black and white.

This is me, Katy Jade Dobson. Thank you so much to people who have followed this website, I hope you are enjoying my art work as much as I enjoy creating it! I have so many more ideas to put into action and I can’t wait for you to see! Please be sure to jump to my Facebook Page for all of my daily updates. I am also using twitter (poorly! But I’m trying…) and a personal favourite of mine, Instagram (username katyjadedobson) Hope to see you there!  

Surrounded – Oil on Canvas Portraits

Surrounded. I love painting portraits, there is something very beautiful about skin tone and the way it changes in different lights, shadows, contours and perception. I like to throw in some abstract colours but in an elegant and calculated manner to grasp the nature of the face. Elegance, femininity and soft romanticism all attempting to be captures in some portraiture work.  

Art, January and Smiles!

This is me! Smiling lots because of all of the wonderful support I have received for my art work in this new year! My hardest work began January 1st 2013 as I am trying to create more artwork and get it seen. I have taken the opportunity of a new year and a new start with conviction and determination. I worked hard to create a foundation and a body of work that I could stand in securely and build skywards. January has gone well so far and the response to my work has been heart warming. Especially the messages I have had on the video I made recently of myself painting to show the painting process. My business cards arrived and I am happy and excited to start using them! Katy x