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Plagiarism in Art – An Artist’s Perspective

To help me shape this Pandora’s Box of a topic,  I have spoken at length to other artists and people who work with their own creative content. This scope is large and can span over many varying careers. But the answer we all seemed to agree on was the same. In the nature of all creative content, originality is a fleeting concept. If the idea has already been done unbeknownst to you, then it may about to be done, unbeknownst to them. This is my perspective, with opinions peppered through that I have learnt along on the way to writing this. I began using this blog as part of a project for my 3rd year of my Art Degree; under the instructions to show that you could create an online space that held information about your work. I noticed that I could increase the footfall towards my page. Then in 2013 I took social media platforms more seriously after finding them to be a great place to share my paintings and garner views and interest in my …

Marilyn Monroe Oil Painting – Iconic Women Collection

Marilyn Monroe was the first piece I started towards my Iconic Women Collection back in 2013 and has now been finished and signed, as the first of the collection to be completed. She has had her face tweaked constantly, and the natural progression of the piece has led to a movement of convecion with colour and texture resurfacing and changing dynamically until I found a balance that I loved. I am working on a certificate for this piece to explain why Marilyn Monroe is iconic, for what reason she was the starting point for my collection and why I felt the colours and composition was fitting to portray what I feel it does. These certificates will be available with each piece, where an in depth description features the progressional process of the piece and my own take on the meaning of her iconic status. Marilyn Monroe Oil on wood panel 24″x35.5″ inches Part of my Iconic Women Collection (£100 of the sale of each piece goes to Women’s Aid charity in support of Women’s Aid. …

Galloping Horses Oil Painting

Galloping Horses A newly finished piece using new techniques I have learnt ‘along the way,’ each brush stroke has intent with the aim to capture movement and strength alongside elegance and beauty. A fierce and powerful representation of the wild nature of magnificent horses. Hopefully portraying my appreciation for wildlife and its characteristics. A full original, no prints will be made of this piece. Oil on wood panel. 35×23.5″ inches.   Katy x

Octopus sketch and oil painting.

A few doodles with pencil and paint! I have always wanted to paint and octopus so here are a few practices. I absolutely love marine life and have wanted to paint more eventually. In the same was that I love to paint wings on birds and the movement, the same admiration goes into the elegant and floaty movements of under water life. The colours and the motion make great subjects for art work!