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Jellyfish Art / Oil Painting

It took a lot of preparation before I decided to take on jellyfish as a subject for an oil painting. Before tackling the big decisions you make before you start a painting (composition, texture, colour palette, tones etc) it seemed important to get a better understanding of jellyfish. Are they often alone or in groups? (Which I found to be named a ‘Plume’ when they migrated and gathered together) How do they move? At what speed? What different positions would you find their tentacles to be in? And which movement does this represent? The only way to really find out was to watch them, thanks to YouTube! There is something so peaceful and mesmerising about watching jellyfish, the way they pulsate their gelatinous bodies for locomotion and the tentacles fan out so elegantly. It was apparent immediately that the movement was the most important aspect to capture within a painting. For the fished pieces ‘Bloom’ and ‘Plume’ I used oil paints (as always) onto primed wooden panels. The most interesting part of the process for …

Octopus sketch and oil painting.

A few doodles with pencil and paint! I have always wanted to paint and octopus so here are a few practices. I absolutely love marine life and have wanted to paint more eventually. In the same was that I love to paint wings on birds and the movement, the same admiration goes into the elegant and floaty movements of under water life. The colours and the motion make great subjects for art work!