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How to be an Artist

How to be an Artist. Everybody is an artist at what they do; and everything you do is an art form. Whether it is the efficiency in which you input data into a system at work, or if it is a full flowing creative stream. Art (in my opinion!) is taking something everyday and making ‘something’. And this ‘something’ doesn’t have to be a painting, or a craft project or something so skilfully applied that people are in awe. Making this ‘something’ is either an expression of yourself that only you can see, something blatant, or something you enjoyed the process for. The people who seem to understand the world the most seem to see the potential in everything. The people who seem to see the potential in everything seem to be the happiest and most interesting people. And the happiest and most interesting people make art of everything they do. To be an artist isn’t always about painting a picture. It is taking what you can and making ‘something’ where the end result is …

Colourful Oil Paintings – playing with psychedelic colours and abstraction. Doodles

Here are a few photos of my work lately, some portraiture work, commissions and sketchbook work! All along the theme of psychedelic colours… I have started to understand colour better and as I usually do, I just in at the deep end playing with every colour. I’m starting to refine my palettes somewhat to enhance the richness of my paintings. Katy x