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View my first collection with Wishbone Publishing here!!!

The Spectrum Collection in full! My first collection with Wishbone Publishing is now available to view, with a handful of originals selling before the release and now the availability of a selection of limited editions. 10% of the sales from this collection will be donated to the Born Free charity, I am incredibly proud to have Born Free endorse this collection and to be included on the Certificates of Authenticity received on purchase. If you have enjoyed my previous work then hopefully the Spectrum Collection will appeal to you with a chromatic explosion of my favourite jewel toned colours to embellish a variety of wildlife species, all regal, proud and spectacular in their own rights. My collection is a celebration of the beauty and abundance in nature and a practice of my painting style that is both intricate and loose, serene and chaotic. Also an emalgimation of traditional draft work oil painting, with abstract colour use and impasto tendancies. I hope you enjoy them! Enquire with Wishbone Publishing or Eyeball Gallery about the availability and …

Why my paintings are so colourful, and living with an alcoholic.

  I briefly lived in a house with a few questionable characters, dodgy letting agents and a young man in the final stage of alcoholism. This phase seemed to last forever but in actual fact it was a tiny chapter that my mind seems to have blocked. Since this traumatic episode I rarely think about it, let alone speak about it. It really is too sad. I recently found myself carrying some bottles and from the moment I began walking and the bottles would clang together my stomach flipped and a lot of sad memories flooded over me as I walked. It is only through reluctant reflection that I realise this ordeal shaped how my artwork is today. It was evident after only the first night of this man moving in that he had a serious problem. It had barely been a couple of days and the house had been burgled, I had found him sprawled outside my bedroom door smelling of stale urine and dirt, and his late night staggerings had broken furniture and …

New Work!

I have a lot of new work on the go! A series of elegant and detailed wildlife work with areas of serene calm. Here are a few examples of the backgrounds of these paintings (looking for a more dreamy and opulent style)              

Galloping Horses Oil Painting

Galloping Horses A newly finished piece using new techniques I have learnt ‘along the way,’ each brush stroke has intent with the aim to capture movement and strength alongside elegance and beauty. A fierce and powerful representation of the wild nature of magnificent horses. Hopefully portraying my appreciation for wildlife and its characteristics. A full original, no prints will be made of this piece. Oil on wood panel. 35×23.5″ inches.   Katy x