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Gorilla Painting: The Making of… In pictures and video

  As silverback gorilla’s are my favorite animal I was more than challenged in being commissioned to paint one. In every aspect from their presence and expressions, I love all of the attributes of a gorilla, including the way they move. As I am so fond, I could not imagine not trying to involve as much of the traits I love about them into the painting itself. My starting point for this piece was documented in a video which shows the progression of the gorilla’s face from scratch (with a bit of Biffy Clyro…) WATCH HERE on my youtube channel.   It is images from here on out, different sizes, angles, styles to fully show the work the progression of the painting. Hope your enjoy!           , Katy x Commissions –  

Gorilla -Finished!

So proud to have finished my commissioned gorilla piece and I am so excited to show it to you. Keep a lookout for a post very soon with a video, images and a description of the making of my painting 🙂 I now have share buttons (below) for Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. Can’t believe I hadn’t done it already! 🙂 Technology just flies over my head sometimes! Katy x