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Using watercolours (From an oil painter’s perspective)

I didn’t realise how lucky I had it, to have thrown myself in at the deep end and learn to paint with oils as quickly as I did. It was a medium I wanted as my friend and I threw it around until I made it work. I was going to shoehorn my work to intertwine with oils and do whatever it took. Luckily the shoe fit. It wasn’t until I went back to materials I had previously used before I taught myself how to paint properly, that I realised it is not how the material works for you but how you work the material. Watercolour painting is oil painting flipped on its head. This is my own interpretation. Where oils are malleable, subject to complete change in consistency and shape of the mark you just made, watercolours are not. With oils you could alter that one mark up to 3 or 4 days later. With watercolours you cannot. You have a matter of seconds to decide if the mark you just made was ‘correct’ …

Marilyn Monroe Oil Painting – Iconic Women Collection

Marilyn Monroe was the first piece I started towards my Iconic Women Collection back in 2013 and has now been finished and signed, as the first of the collection to be completed. She has had her face tweaked constantly, and the natural progression of the piece has led to a movement of convecion with colour and texture resurfacing and changing dynamically until I found a balance that I loved. I am working on a certificate for this piece to explain why Marilyn Monroe is iconic, for what reason she was the starting point for my collection and why I felt the colours and composition was fitting to portray what I feel it does. These certificates will be available with each piece, where an in depth description features the progressional process of the piece and my own take on the meaning of her iconic status. Marilyn Monroe Oil on wood panel 24″x35.5″ inches Part of my Iconic Women Collection (£100 of the sale of each piece goes to Women’s Aid charity in support of Women’s Aid. …

2013 – A Nostalgic Overview! (Yes! 2014!!!)

It is the LAST DAY OF 2013!! YEAAHHHHHHH! What a year! Looking back over 2013 I couldn’t be more proud. This time last year I had finished my first oil painting of an owl in flight, and had been working on a blog/website/social network upheaval to make my work more widely accessible and to connect with other artists and art lovers. I sit here today with such a huge backlog of paintings under my belt, so much so that I cannot believe I managed to do so much in just one year! And a great following. For a clearer overview of my paintings of 2013, click on the link here for my Instagram page, with a brief and concise view of my work throughout the year! Here is an overview I write as I go through a year of posts/instagram/facebook/emails/conversations with friends. I started my artistic journey by no means at the shallow end, I took a high dive straight in, working directly towards my first ever solo exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln. …

My feature in Cliche Magazine

I have been working really hard lately on my collection of Iconic Women oil paintings for my series in support of Women’s Aid charity. Meaning while being featured in American magazine Cliche. Here are some screen shots of the feature, and a link to the magazine website to take a read! You can read the article online here! Or to buy a copy.

Koi Carp – Oil on Canvas

Koi Carp Oil on Canvas 24″x30″ inches (Commissioned) I absolutely love this finished piece of three koi carp. It wasn’t an easy one to complete, I started this painting with an idea of a light background. After attempting to get a flattering spectrum of colours within the water glistens the colour just did not pop enough. A black background was suggested which made a huge different immediately. The colours were brought together and more framed and flattered, in keeping with the elegance of the movement of the fish.