1. Lucy says

    I saw some of your work at the Lincoln art and craft exhibition thing yesturday and i just fell in love with your paintings of the stag. I really regretted not buying one when i got back home. Do you ever sell any of your work online?

    • Hi Lucy, I can communicate with you online on any pieces you liked or any you might like making as a commission and deliver it to you 🙂 my email address is katyjadedobson@mail.com

      I am looking to start up an online shop in the near future!

  2. Ingrid says

    Definitely, I am in love with your art. It’s divine and spontaneous. And here, I imagine how do you know where to put each colour when the colour is not necessarily real on a human face for example. If you just go, or if there’s the picture on your mind( and just go too), or if you just tought that it was good to put it there. When I saw your art it made me realized how much i’m missing painting too. Sometimes i feel like i’d lost the essence. I hope you have undertood my english. Go ahead, you make this world so much more powerful, colourful, beautiful…

  3. Hi,
    I am a fellow artist and was wondering if you had any tips to getting established, actually getting noticed and selling art. I love your bold style, mine is a bit more relaxed 🙂
    Kind regards

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