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I’m back!!

I have had a leave of absence from creating any paintings or pieces, as well as having a long time away from this blog. I am however back in full force with to-do lists raging and armed with many genres (painting, drawings, photography, tattooing) to get stuck into.

After being away from my work for a while I have had so many new ideas written down that I can’t wait to get started on, however I’m mostly excited about using the Internet to its full potential. To communicate with other artists and the rest of the world, join the many art communities and forums and get involved! If anyone has any tips or can help a technospaz like myself it would be greatly appreciated!

For now, I cannot separate my desires to explore all the genres of art that I am dipping my toes into, so I will have to juggle them all! Personal challenge accepted.

Here is a picture taken today, one that inspired me to get back into my paintings and art work. Something you could sit and stare at from every angle in awe, and one of the most beautiful, natural, strong, practical and functional pieces of art there is! (I named the creator Charlotte)


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