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2013 – A Nostalgic Overview! (Yes! 2014!!!)

It is the LAST DAY OF 2013!! YEAAHHHHHHH! What a year! Looking back over 2013 I couldn’t be more proud. This time last year I had finished my first oil painting of an owl in flight, and had been working on a blog/website/social network upheaval to make my work more widely accessible and to connect with other artists and art lovers. I sit here today with such a huge backlog of paintings under my belt, so much so that I cannot believe I managed to do so much in just one year! And a great following. For a clearer overview of my paintings of 2013, click on the link hereĀ for my Instagram page, with a brief and concise view of my work throughout the year! Here is an overview I write as I go through a year of posts/instagram/facebook/emails/conversations with friends. I started my artistic journey by no means at the shallow end, I took a high dive straight in, working directly towards my first ever solo exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln. …

Art, January and Smiles!

This is me! Smiling lots because of all of the wonderful support I have received for my art work in this new year! My hardest work began January 1st 2013 as I am trying to create more artwork and get it seen. I have taken the opportunity of a new year and a new start with conviction and determination. I worked hard to create a foundation and a body of work that I could stand in securely and build skywards. January has gone well so far and the response to my work has been heart warming. Especially the messages I have had on the video I made recently of myself painting to show the painting process. My business cards arrived and I am happy and excited to start using them! Katy x