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Motivation – The Art of Staying Inspired

The topic of motivation comes up a lot when your job is your hobby. There is a great argument for the need to keep work life and personal life separate, for the sake of your sanity and ability to relax. What do you do when your hobby becomes your way of earning a living, and your passion becomes a necessary daily thing. Does this make sitting down to work harder? If so in what way? Also, does working from home create problems with motivation levels when your are presented with oh-so many distractions? I am hugely lucky to be able to paint as my passion and my job, however some days motivation is slightly harder to find. Here is what I do. Go for a walk Nature is soothing. When I began painting for a living I lived in an area built up of rows of terraced housing in a small city. Nature was hard to come by unless you ventured to the outskirts, which I could not do at the time. I knew of …

Odilon Redon

One of my favourite artists and the biggest influence on my work are the ethereal and textured works of french artist Odilon Redon. (1800’s) I just LOVE his work! I love the colours, the textures, the abstraction!! I love how calm these pieces seem to be although heavy with other worldly qualities that aught to make the pieces seem more abstract than they look. It is these ’embellishments’ and ¬†loose playfulness that I love to experiment with my own work. These are the main 3 pieces that have inspired me hugely that I thought I would share. ‘Flower Clouds’   ‘Ophelia’     ‘La Naissance de Venus’     If you know of any similar artists or have any thoughts on Redon’s work feel free to drop a comment below and let me know what you think!

How to be an Artist

How to be an Artist. Everybody is an artist at what they do; and everything you do is an art form. Whether it is the efficiency in which you input data into a system at work, or if it is a full flowing creative stream. Art (in my opinion!) is taking something everyday and making ‘something’. And this ‘something’ doesn’t have to be a painting, or a craft project or something so skilfully applied that people are in awe. Making this ‘something’ is either an expression of yourself that only you can see, something blatant, or something you enjoyed the process for. The people who seem to understand the world the most seem to see the potential in everything. The people who seem to see the potential in everything seem to be the happiest and most interesting people. And the happiest and most interesting people make art of everything they do. To be an artist isn’t always about painting a picture. It is taking what you can and making ‘something’ where the end result is …