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Women’s Art – Inspiring female artists from around the world – #1

The art of women is not a category of its own. The art of women through history and around the world is part of the tapestry of art history in its own right, blended in and out of the more predominantly highlighted male artists for sure, but is there and is bold and vital. Highlighting female artists in particular as a series for blog posts is to take up that extra bit of space that women have been denied, to give that little bit of internet over to the women and fill up that space with what they have to say and create. Researching artists for this little segment on my little blog has been the biggest pleasure and more important personal work than I first anticipated. To be able to step closer to the women whose work I admired from afar and take a closer look at their ‘why’ and ‘how’ has been dreamy. I had to open the first of the series with my own favourite, kicking off with 4 very different artists, …

Monthly female artist appreciation

Every month I am going to showcase the work of a number of female artists from around the world. For a number of years now I have inadvertently been compiling a list of inspiring female artists. What is the point in having such a rich and amazing list without sharing and showcasing with as many people as possible the inspiring work and voices of women from so many backgrounds. I hold this tiny art space, in this little corner of the internet and while I hold your attention I would like to bring forward female creators, their work and their words. From famous and known globally to women who create for fun and love of making. Every first day of the month starting next month will be to showcase and pass the mic to female artists. If you have any suggestions, or want to submit your own art, please email